Rules and requirements - thank you for reading!

1. You have to stick to the golden rule. That is, if you use a graphic, I would appreciate it if you link me back. You can copy this code for a button link. You must save the button to you own computer, and upload it to your website..

<a href=""><img src="snail_button_WD.gif"></a>   

OR you can use this button link:

<a href=""><img src="wd_picnic.gif"></a>   

OR copy this code for text link.

<a href="">Graphic(s) by Whoopsie Daisy</a>

2. Never direct link - it will use up all the bandwidth of my nice hostess. When you direct link, your basically copying the html code of the image. Instead, you should save it to your own computer (by right clicking the image, and pressing "save picture as.." button), and then upload it to your website. Easy peasy.

3. You can use any graphics on my website, except for the layout and any graphics I specifically have said you can not use.

4. And the most important rule of all - be nice. Kindness always receives kindness in return. Meanness or rudeness always get your IP blocked. LOL.

5. Lastly, thank you for visiting my site, and taking time to read the rules. I <3 you all!
= D

XOXO Christine