Picnic at Hanging Rock

This movies creepy… Not scare-you-half-death creepy, but beautiful haunting creepy. The movies kind of old, and it was apparently Australia's "first international hit". = P

They never say what happened to the missing girls in the end. I HATE cliff hangers. Aparently it was originally a book, but the author decided to leave ou the last chapter. So no ending. BUT, some people found the last chapter (after she died I think), and they published it as a separate book, so I've ordered (??) it from some library in another town. Arg, I can't wait to see what actually happened to them. There are a few possibilties:

1. They were murdered.
2. Something supernatural happened.
3. They ran away, and they're still alive somewhere.
4. They commited suicide.
5. They fell of the rock, and it was an accident.